Hey all, posting this a little late. We’ve all been pretty sick this week, and I fell asleep at like 8pm on the couch last night. When I finally shuffled up to bed, I had a vague thought that I forgot to ask Cory to do the Alt-Text Adventure for this page, and then promptly passed out again. I had to wait a little bit for him to have the time to write one for me while at work this morning, but he came through and here we are.

I have one more page in the can that I’m going to queue up for next week as soon as I’m done posting this, and I’m currently working on the next batch. The next batch is ideally pages 15 to 20, but that will depend on which pages I can get roughed out today and today only–pages 15 to 17 are really standard, but pages 18 and 19 are a two page spread and also possibly the most ambitious page I’ve ever drawn, so I’m okay with cutting this batch down to 3 pages if it means still having at least one page a week while I can give it the attention it deserves. I’m also not 100% sure on how I’ll be posting it on the website–the horizontal orientation of our pages means posting it all as one page will make it incredibly tiny, so I’ll likely be posting a half page, followed by the pother half, with a smaller version of the whole spread attached to the bottom of it, and a higher res version linked in the comments. When it needs to go up, if I have a buffer I’ll probably post them both at the same time, and if I don’t, I may post each half as separate updates. We’ll have to wait and see.

Anyhow, cheers and see you next Friday!