Hey all, this entry is going to be short. I had planned to sit down and type up a big thing, but I have a massive toothache–when I was pregnant I got a piece of popcorn seed shell stuck in between two of my molars, and when I flossed it out, a big chunk of my tooth flew out with it (which, as far as I am concerned, is the exact opposite purpose of flossing). While I assumed that it probably had to do with all the barfing I did in first and second trimesters, there was nothing I could do about it because up until a few weeks ago, I had no dental insurance.

When my insurance kicked in, I didn’t even think about fixing it, because it didn’t hurt. Aside from a large hole in my tooth, everything was dandy for MONTHS. Lesson learned–today it feels like someone has punched me in the jaw with a brick. I’ve got a massive headache, and now I am going to sleep so I can wake up early and hopefully schedule an appointment to get it fixed. Night!