Hi everyone! I want to take a minute to thank all of you for pledging. Nearly three years ago when we started The End, something like this seemed like a very impossible daydream, and all of you made it happen. I am beyond humbled by everyone’s generosity, and from here on out you will be┬áreceiving┬áplenty of updates on everything we do up until your books and other rewards arrive in your mailbox.

In the next few of weeks, I will have the following things for you:

  • An exact number for how many books we are ordering. We’ve had to switch publishers, again, due to time constraints, which means that I’ll have numbers for you after our studio speaks with them on the 7th.
  • I should have most of the digital package put together by mid March, and you’ll get to see some previews for those as I finish the individual pieces and put it together. The full package will go out as soon as it is finished, and the smaller digital package will go out at the same time.
  • I’ll be sending out surveys by the end of March to everyone who pledged for tiers that required physical rewards to be mailed to them, and a second survey for anyone who got a sketch, a drawing, or their own Ith/ESI Agent Character illustration, cameo or fancy illustration to see what character you want, as well as gather photo reference materials.
  • I’ll have all the bonus content for the book itself, as well as a few other illustrations that it will require, and you’ll get to see a few previews of those as well.
  • The bonus mini-print for our first stretch goal will be completely designed and you’ll get to see a preview of that, too!

Anyhow, thank you all so much, again. I know we didn’t hit the second stretch goal, but we will be going up to three updates a week anyways sometime during the summer, just a bit later than if we would have hit that goal. I’ll be happy to announce an exact date on that as soon as the books themselves are signed and in the mail and I can stop pulling my hair out!

– Ran

So that happened! Lots to do and you’d better believe that I’m busy getting it done! For any of you who missed the kickstarter and still wanted to grab a book and some kickstarter rewards, I’ll have info on how you can go about doing that with Friday’s update.

Anyhow, chapter 11 begins! Who are these Earth jerks? You’re going to find out really soon. Enjoy! I’ve gotta get back to work!