IF YOU ARE HERE LOOKING FOR FRIDAY’S PAGE: It’s going to be late. It will be posted before the end of the day, along with an explanation on why it is so late. If I want to have any chance of getting it done, I’m going to have to get some sleep starting right now. See you later!


Urgh, another sparse author’s comment.

Last week was nuts–my inlaws were out of the country for a destination wedding, which means that I had no babysitter, which means minimal comic work hours. On top of that, my friends had their baby (and we had to drive to another province to visit them), I spent a great deal of my work time working on this for Chloé, and then I basically didn’t get to work on my own stuff on Sunday for more than a few hours because Cory had to pick his parents up from the airport. Add a fussy, clingy baby to the mix and essentially my eyeballs are still falling out.

I have that feeling like I’m going to burn out, but I promise, promise, promise that that will not actually happen; I love this all too much. I will, however, be pretty scarce for the rest of the week while I scramble to get the next 5 pages done, since this is the end of my buffer. In apology, here is a warmup sketch I did of Henri on Saturday. I also sat down just now and added some information on the Ith to the wiki, including information on specific Castes.

Also, once I get Friday’s page done I’m going to take a small time-out to get at least one more character page done, which means that I’ll be doing some really nice character art for ONE character. Which character do you want me to draw next? Let me know in the comments!