EDIT: Just a head’s up–I’m going to wait until Friday to update. I have so many last minute things to do before TCAF this weekend, and throw a sick kid into the mix and essentially what is going to happen is that I will be in a constant cycle of attempting to stay up until the early hours of the morning every update day forever. Missing one day so that I can get two pages done, one for Friday and one for Tuesday will hopefully get me back on track. Sorry in advance! I hate to do this, but I also don’t want to die. D:

Yep, so this is super late. I’m really sorry about that, but I currently have no buffer, which will hopefully not be true by the end of the day. Both me and the kid were mega-sick (and I still kind of am), but can’t afford not to be working all day today and as much as possible during the week, because this weekend Cory and I will be going to TCAF as part of the Hiveworks table! If you’re gonna be in Toronto, feel free to stop by and say hello! Sadly, our book won’t be there because of all of those awesome printing delays we’d been having, but I do believe that there will be posters, mini prints, buttons, original art there for us, and Isa and Meg of Namesake will also be there at the table with all of their books and merch!

Anyhow, another thing happened this weekend–The End turned 3 on Saturday! I wanted to do something special for it, but I’ve been so busy with kickstarter stuff and this non-buffer that it completely slipped my mind until half-way through dinner yesterday. My bad! I’ll try and make you all something pretty once I’m back from TCAF and have the digital package done for backers.

Anyhow, enjoy your late page! I toned down all the eye shiny-ness on the first two panels after I figured out a way to make the panels less dark without them. Hope you enjoy! Gotta get back to work!