Whew, busy week! Before I type anything else, they’re here:


It’s hard to tell from this picture (because I can’t find my actual camera and had to take a crappy phone pic) , but they turned out awesome! I’m still waiting on the thingies that attach to them (which I bought separately), and then they will be sorted into my rewards filing cabinet with all of the prints and art that are currently hanging out in there.

Also, a few of you have sent me messages to let me know that the donate button is broken. I keep meaning to fix it so it integrates into the layout, but I’ll be giving this place an overhaul in the next while, so until then, I’ve replaced the fancy donate button with the default paypal button for those who would like to toss us a few bucks. 🙂

That aside, it is very suddenly insufferably hot, and my office won’t get an AC unit this year because I now spend 90% of my day in the living room with the kiddo, so the spare one been allocated there, which means I am currently melting. So, I’m outta here. I’ll see you Tuesday with a new page! Chapter almost over. 🙂