Alrighty, so, it’s posted a bit later than usual, but it’s here! I had intended to have everything up and ready to go last night after I got home from Canada Day celebrations, but in retrospect that was a stupid plan because I came home mildly drunk and really tired. “No big deal, I’ll post it first thing in the morning!” I said! And the the kiddo had me up pretty much all night because she is in some sort of perma-teething state and I am currently running on about a half hour of sleep, tops! So you get it now. Sorry! D:

In other news, I got rid of The End’s facebook page. I have a love/hate relationship with facebook for a lot of reasons; I LOVE how easy it is to connect with people and chat about stuff there, but I HATE how the pages work. And since Facebook decided that if you have a Page for a business or comic or band or whatever, you will only really show up on people’s walls if you pay Facebook money, which is sensible if you are a large corporation instead of one or two individuals who just wanna chat with readers about space and drawing and other fun junk.

SO! While I closed The End’s facebook page, I opened up a new personal account that all of my art related posts, pictures, links, status updates and conversations will be. If you wanna see updates on your wall from me, you can friend me, and I will accept anyone. Also, all of my posts are public, so if you don’t do the bookface, and I post something important there for some reason (or I just wanna share a cool conversation that is happening there or something), if I direct you to it, you won’t have to make an account or sign in to read it.

Anyhow, my plan for today is to get the two pages I’m working on right now done, and then do some design work that I’ve been meaning to get around to. I’ll probably take a break between pages, and I’ll be on facebook all day. I might also do some streaming, if people are interested, but I doubt most of you are not at work or asleep, regardless of time zones, so blah, I guess.

Anyhow, back to work for me!