Aaaaand I’m back! Okay, so first thing’s first, thanks for your patience! I spent yesterday evening at my parents’ house, and the verdict on my mom’s accident is that she fractured her upper jaw in two places. They put all of her top teeth back where they are supposed to be and wired them in place, but they can’t fix anything else until the fractures have healed, which is going to take a month or more. She’s in pretty good spirits despite this (though I imagine part of that was the painkillers, and another part was that we brought the kiddo over with us and she was mega cute and chatty the whole time).  Anyhow, emergency over. Phew.

tumblr_mq54qc2AuY1qgim6eo1_1280Secondly, look at this thing I did today! That’s me working on the page you are looking at now on the couch in the living room. I dragged my computer and also the entire network down here because the office has no AC, and every time I sit down to work it’s about five minutes before I’m melting into a puddle because my office is on the second floor.

I also coloured most of today’s page on a day where (Mother-in-law is sick) Briar was home, which is something that generally doesn’t happen. I had the idea to bring my stuff down today after realizing that for the past two days she’s been happy to doodle around the living room and play with toys and chase the cats while I fiddle around on my ancient laptop, so why not just bring my whole computer down here and see if she’d cool about that, too? If she is merciful and kind, I’ll be able to do this more often and get more work time in. Maybe.

Anyhow, got lots to do! I’m gonna get to it!