Hey all! Man, I need to tell you how productive this week has been. The kidlet has started to, for the most part, sleep through the night. So I am rested, and above all else, productive.

Today I coloured two pages and scheduled them, went to dinner with my inlaws and then came home and drew three more pages that I intend to start inking tomorrow so that I can colour them this weekend. I also made a really important decision about a piece of this chapter that I think you’ll really enjoy–not only will it answer a lot of questions for you, but it will also mean that from Sunday September 8th to Friday September 13th (haha, not intentional, just the way the dates fall), you’ll be getting an update every day to make up for the fact that I added an extra 6 pages to the middle of the chapter. This mean that the chapter will end up with 41 pages this chapter instead of the original 33. Yikes. That’ll make this the longest chapter yet.

A lot of this is going to rely on me working like an insane person, but I’m pretty confident I can pull it off, and so I’m posting it here as extra motivation to get those pagers done well in advance.

Aaaanyhow, enjoy today’s page!