Hey all, thank you so, so much for your responses on Tuesday’s page. Didn’t mean to get all serious on you there.

On a way lighter note, Cory and I may have some time to actually work (at the same time) this weekend, which is awesome and rare. If you could do me a huge favour and answer whichever of these questions (all, some, one?) you feel like answering. I’m doing some time-line shuffling to streamline chapters and I’d really like some input (even if you have no idea how I’m going to use your answers or how they are relevant in any way).

  1. Who is your favourite character? Why?
  2. Who is your least favourite character? Why?
  3. What currently unanswered question or mystery would you most like the answer to?
  4. Even if all you’ve got to go on is pictures, what is your favourite non-human race that has shown up in the comic so far?
  5. Which character do you think hasn’t gotten enough screen time?
  6. Which character do you think has had too much screen time?
  7. Which alien homeworld would you most like to see art/imagery for? How do you imagine it?

There are a lot of fun things we can and will be doing with this info, so if you’ve got a minute, even if they’re very short answers, drop us a line.

Aaaanyhow, unrelated, I’m way behind on my emails–I’ve been kind of avoiding them since the whole art discussion came up because I have awful co-morbid anxiety thanks to my adhd. I’m feeling less panic-y about them now, though, so I’m going to try and get caught up on them this weekend. If you recently sent me an email or filled out the contact form or a message on kickstarter, I should have everything answered by Sunday night. Thanks again for your patience and general awesomeness!