Hey, sorry for the lack of update last Friday! If you are not following me on Tumblr, Facebook or Twitter, the reason for the lack of page was that we started having internet outages on Wednesday, and then by Thursday night we had zero internet. The tech came Saturday to fix it, replaced out gateway modem/router and said everything looked good. He left, and then we started experiencing outages again.  After a lot of Google-fu, I discovered that this is a problem inherent to these shitty gateway modem/routers that Rogers give out. After an impromptu trip to bestbuy, I got a separate dual band router, called up Rogers, told them to switch my gateway to bridge only and within five minutes everything was working perfectly, just the way it’s supposed to. So that was stressful, but it is over, and I can finally relax (at least for a few hours).

Anyhow, here some stuff that’s happening:

  • I posted some pieces of panels in progress, including a piece of today’s page (I realized afterwards that I’d drawn Kait’s hand instead of a glove, oops).
  • Comicpress 4.0 apparently exists now, so I’ll hopefully be fixing the website in the next couple of week. To everyone who is messaging me and emailing me about wonkyness on various pages/archives/in firefox, I’m aware and I WILL be sorting it out. I just want to get a running version of a new theme up and done before I impliment something and then find out that it is super broken (like this time, haha).
  • Cory is doing a Choose Your Own Adventure story that YOU can participate in! The story, which is about robots after the apocalypse, will be decided by YOU at key points, so send in asks or leave comments to vote. I’ll be drawing stuff at key points, the very first being when you guys decide what kind of Robot we are! Read the posts in order, here.

Anyhow, night people. See you Friday. I may be streaming colouring two more pages some time tomorrow, so keep an eye on my twitter/facebook/tumblr if that’s something you’re into. 🙂