Hey all. This page is up a little late, sorry! The next page is already queued up, too, so expect Friday’s on time.

I’m doing much better (though I have to go back in next week, possibly more than once). For those of you worried that a long term illness will kill this comic, I can assure you that this is NOT a long term illness, and as soon as they stop making me come in for blood tests, I’m good to go for pretty much ever (not that the comic will last forever, it has a definite end in sight). For those of you who want details, I’ve outlined them on my personal/health blog ¬†which I will link in a second, BUT, I’d like to warn you that it’s a REALLY depressing and long winded post that is also possibly really triggering, especially if you are a lady. So here be dragons, I guess. If you read it, please refrain from posting about it in the comments here. It is lovely that you sympathize with me or feel bad for me, and I appreciate it, but I don’t want that mucking up the comic’s comments, which is why I kept it off the site in the first place.¬†

Anyhow, you’ll notice a couple things different today–I’ve changed up the texture and I’ve decided that, with the exception of special effects, I’m going to stop colouring the line art because it adds and extra hour or two on to each page depending on line art complexity. These next few pages that I am currently int he process of inking are killing me with insanely complex backgrounds, and I feel a great sense of relief that I will not have to do this extra step on them. I’ve kind of been doing this since the beginning of chapter 12 when I can get away with it, and it’s made things much faster in the long run.

See you all Friday, and sorry for the wait!