Good morning! I’ve got some nice stuff for you, so let’s dig in!

First off, on Patron we hit our first milestone. The reward was declassified versions of the ESI files, but apparently declassifying them wasn’t enough for me, so I completely redid them. They’ve all been redrawn from scratch, and have all new art (the previous ones just had panels from previous comic pages on them). The declassified versions are available to patrons only, right here, but I re-redacted the new files for our archives, and when I updated them on this site, Cory also put fancy new alt text on all of them. You can start reading them here!

We also decided that our next milestone, which we will reach at $250/month, will be a patron exclusive Guide to Auras. It will be 20 pages long, be fully illustrated and contain diagrams of each aura’s mechanics, uses, how it looks to other castes and more.

We’ve also opened up a limited tier that will get you custom avatar art of yourself as either an ESI agent or an Ith (caste of your choice). You can read more about it here, as well as see some art samples!

And last but not least, today is the first day of the month, which means that as soon as Patreon is done collecting, I’ll be posting up July’s patron exclusive wallpapers! This month patrons voted on Victor, and I chose Raine for the second one. You’ll be able tog et them both sometime later tonight, and if you’re not already a patron and sign up specifically for them, you’ll also instantly have access to all previous patron exclusive wallpapers. Here are some previews of the new ones:


Anyhow, got lots to do this week! I have another batch of pages on the go, a chapter to re-export and a new wallpaper to add to the public wallpaper folder by Friday, so see you then.