Hey all, totally forgot to do an Author’s note last week, but I’ll be keeping this brief anyways because Valor be crazy.

Just reminding you all that you’re welcome to vote on a special Hallowe’en wallpaper we’re doing for all of our readers here! Voting ends on Saturday evening, so this is your last week to vote!

Scratch that, here is a slightly more convenient poll:

[yop_poll id=”2″]

Other than that, I’ve just received notice that, despite a paperwork mix up that left us scrambling for a couple days last week, our books have been cleared through customs in Montreal and should arrive at our house hopefully today or tomorrow. I had to re-order out bookmarks, which have also been approved and should hopefully be here early next week, and then the shippening is upon us!

Anyhow, today I’m going to be finishing up a Murder Spy Mountain shirt design that I posted a preview of on Patreon, working on a mockup for a site redesign we’ll be implementing at ┬áthe end of October, post some previews of the Valor pages I’ve been working on fore the last week and a half to Patreon, colouring another character portrait and fully sketching the next three or four Valor pages, yowzah.

We’ll be back as usual on Friday with hopefully more book news and less crazy stress!