Hey all, still moving. We have internet, again, though, so that’s a big help and means I’ll get a little bit of work done tomorrow afternoon. I’m not quite done the Christmas wallpaper for everyone–it ended up becoming a lot more involved than I initially planned and as a result I was just sitting down to colour it when I ended up having to shut down and disassemble my computer. The other two for Patrons are done, though, and they look pretty fantastic. I’ll post the finished posters of each of them for everyone as soon as the wallpapers go up for Patrons on Wednesday.

We’re hoping to FINALLY be completely moved over by then, though they’ll be up even if they’re not. I’m going to cut this author’s note short now so I can physically back up all of my comic files, which my computer informs me is going to take about 7 hours total (what).¬†Enjoy the page!