Okay, new year, lots of new stuff to get through:

1) If you’re wondering where the holiday pages and wallpapers went, they’re all now Patron only. If you’re a patron,  made a post about where you can get them here, and the preview image for it shows every wallpaper that was moved except the Christmas one, which was also moved but I miscounted when I was putting together the preview image so it got left out of the preview. Twenty-three wallpapers were moved in total!

We’ll still be making public wallpapers in 2015 every time we start a new chapter and there’s a new cover, whenever I finish the book 2 cover and for holidays. They’ll be moved over to patrons in January next year, lather, rinse, repeat.

2) We’ve begun work on Chapter 16! here’s the new progress bar:


I’ll be working a little bit different than with the last chapter for at least the rest of this month. Instead of drawing the whole thing then inking the whole thing then colouring and lettering the whole thing, I’ll be doing 5 page batches every week for at least a little while until our buffer builds back up again. Currently our buffer lasts until January 27th, and I’ll probably be comfortable with working in bigger batches again when I have another two or three months buffer under my belt on top of that. I have posted the thumbnails for the entire chapter for Patrons here.

That does mean, however, that Chapter 15 ends on January 27th, and if you have a $10/month Patreon account, you can read the rest of it now here.

3) The wallpapers for January are out! If you’re a Patron, you can grab these two wallpapers, one of which features minimal parts of Raine’s new design, here. I also posted a character turnaround sheet of Raine’s full outfit, front side and back, for patrons here. Here are some small previews:


4) Next month is February, and we all know what Holiday is in February–Valentine’s Day. That means that we are adding a new poll. Please read the rules before submitting. There are as follows:

  • The THEME is Valentines day. Please vote for two characters you would like to see go on a date, formatted like this: CHARACTER1 x CHATACTER2
  • You may NOT vote for any of the following characters in any way shape or form: Cassi, Ethma, Endi, The Egg, any other Hlurcht or Fiah who have shown up in the comic. Cassi is excluded for very obvious and creepy reasons, and the rest are excluded because the Fiah and the Hlurcht have zero concept of romance, gender or sexuality–if I did let you vote for them and they won, then I would be drawing the most boring date ever. ANY VOTES WITH ANY OF THESE PEOPLE IN THEM WILL BE REMOVED FROM THE POLL.
  • You may also NOT vote for inanimate objects, abstract concepts or characters that do not exist inside of the comic. You may also NOT vote for Cory or myself, because that would be really weird.
  • Please DO VOTE for any two characters you like–they don’t even have to have met, and there’s no guarantee that the date will go well, so keep that in mind.
  • The poll will run until the end of the day on Saturday Jan 17th, and I’ll post the results on the Sunday.
  • YOU WILL ONLY BE ALLOWED TO ADD NEW NOMINATIONS TO THE POLL UNTIL SATURDAY JAN 10th. After the tenth, I’ll be removing the option to add new votes so that all entries up until that point have a solid week to be voted on.
  • As always, only your first vote counts. Any votes you make after that will be deleted from the final tally, and all you do by voting repeatedly is make more work for me. 🙁
  • This time around I removed the ability for everyone to see the progress of the poll. Hopefully this will cut down the amount of vote flooding people seem to do when the one they want to win is close to the top but not quite. If it helps cut down the amount of work I have to do deleting those votes, then good. Prepare to be surprised!

That said, here is the poll:

[yop_poll id=”6″]

Enjoy, we’ll see ya Friday!