Hey all, new chapter is progressing well. I’m currently colouring the first three actual pages beyond the cover, which, incidentally, is now available as a wallpaper for everyone. Here’s a little preview of the paper, and here’s where you can download it.


That aside, poll is still going! This has actually been the most successful poll we’ve done yet in that hiding the results seems to have stopped the rampant cheaty votes, cutting down the work I’ll have to do to  to clean them up and post the results when it’s over. For comparison, last poll at around the half way point I looked at the logs and counted somewhere around 200 cheat votes. Currently there are FIVE. That’s amazing! Thank you guys so, so much for following the rules! That said, I did remove a few options from the poll. One from someone who didn’t follow the rules and nominated a couple that included Endi, one that was sort of creepy and one that was actually a nomination for a couple who was already on the list. If any of you voted for any of these before I managed to get to them, go ahead and vote one more time; when i tally up the final votes, I’ll be deleting all bum nominations from the spreadsheet before I look for duplicate IP addresses, which means that your second vote will count as your first.

That said, poll ends this weekend, so if you haven’t yet voted, please do!

[yop_poll id=”6″]