Hey all, still finishing up colouring the last few pages of this batch. I’ll hopefully have them done by tonight so I can get started on the next one. I’m going to keep this brief because I’m coming down with something and right now i mostly just want to go to bed so I can get back to work in the morning, so have thee some bullet points:

We’re also trying to think of fun extra content stuff, so if you’ve got a second, consider the following and leave me a message in the comments with your input:

  1. If you could ask any cast member any question about themselves, what would it be? It could be silly, personal, serious–about things they like, believe, what they think about other characters or their lives back on Earth. Whatever you feel like. (this may result in some quick joke sketch comics at a later date)
  2. What alien race are you currently most interested in knowing more about? If you could pick one aspect of their existence to know more about, what would it be? Traditions? Religions? The climate on the moons that orbit their home planet? Shrimp grubs? (will most definitely result in more world building stuff and the occasional diagram or painted image).
  3. Is there any technology in The End that intrigues you and you want to know a little more about?
  4. Do you have any questions for US about creating this comic, the process that goes into art or world building?

Full disclaimer–we might not get to your answer, especially if there is a lot of response or the answer is particularly spoilery and will be addressed in detail as part of the main plot. We’re mostly just information gathering at this point and want to make sure we have plenty of ideas before we decide what comes next.

Anyhow, see you Tuesday!