Hey everyone! I’ve been ultra productive this weekend, and behold the fruits of my labour! First off, finished five pages that $5 patrons can read here. That means our progress bar looks like this now, and there are only seven more pages in the chapter left to draw:


First off, new poll, but it’s going to work a little differently this time around. Usually you vote for who you want me to draw, but this time I’ve actually already drawn them. Halloween is awesome, and when I was thinking about who I wanted to draw, I couldn’t decide on just one. I also wanted an excuse to do some equal opportunity sexy pinups.

SO! All of the wallpapers in the preview below are going to be made and released throughout October. Patrons are going to get all of them, but everyone else is going to get two–whichever dude and lady get the most votes are the two that will be released to the public wallpaper folder!


[yop_poll id=”15″]

And last but not least, we would love for you to toss us a vote on on Top Web Comics! You can vote once a day, and any promotion you can toss us, we would be grateful to have. We were actually under #50 very briefly, which was super cool. :3