Hey all, sorry that there wasn’t a message form us until now (11am), but we got super caught up with the election last night. While we are happy to say that we did it, Harper is GONE, it remains to be seen whether the Liberals will be much better since they’re heavily socially conservative and might not prioritize undoing some of the damage the Harper government managed to stack in this last term. Ideally I would have voted for the party and MP I wanted to win, but sometimes you need to strategically vote, especially since we live in a riding that is full of old people and farmers who generally vote for the Cons every single time. I kind of envy our American readers who don’t have to deal with any of this ‘riding’ and ‘first past the post’ junk, and you all have an election coming up soon, too–vote, even if you don’t think it will make a difference. It will, even if the difference is just making you more conscious about how your elective system and government work.

Aaaaanyhow, you probably didn’t come here for a lecture on voting, so instead, I wanna announce that we’ll be doing the second option we put forth last week. People seem to overwhelmingly prefer the Naughty November option, and we are glad to do it! Cory is currently hard at work scripting this upcoming chapter, I have the cover done and I’m just finishing up all the Naughty November art. This is the last page of this chapter, I hope you enjoyed it!