Hey all! We’re back, and with a couple of announcements. The first is that we were finally approved for a Payoneer account, so we’ve added a $10 NSFW tier to our Patreon. For those for you who were asking when the ol’ NSFW blog was coming back, I hope this is a good enough answer! For now I’ll be sticking to one NSFW pinup every month, alongside whatever NSFW sketch work I do. There’s no set schedule for when it will go up, but we actually will have our first one (featuring Raine!) up before New Years. If people show a lot of interested, I’m willing to do more pinups every month, to a maximum of 3. I’ll also be willing to put up goals where the rewards are short NSFW comics!

The second announcement is sort of related to the first one, in that if you were pledged to our patreon with Paypal, Patreon is going to prompt you to change your methos of payment over to Stripe, Payoneer, credit card or credit debit. It’s an unintended side effect, and we didn’t realize it until a couple hours ago. You can read up on both of these things here:

Anyhow, thanks for reading! We’ll be back on Friday with the next page!