So, I feel kind of bad? Apparently I was so delirious earlier this week that I was finishing up the lettering on “tonight’s” page, and exported it, only to realize that I was actually missing the page in between it and the last one posted. A few seconds in Adobe Bridge confirmed that the page you are currently reading was already done, and could have been posted on Tuesday, and the page I was rushing to finish up today despite still being sick would have gone up today instead of next Tuesday if I’d looked at my files for like thirty seconds on Monday. Ah well, live and learn.

Anyhow, this week I thumbnailed out the rest of this chapter’s extra scene, which ended up being twelve pages. This chapter will have 42 pages total, and I’ll be starting the next batch today once I wake up. I’m somehow still sick, and I seriously hope that this is not the case when I regain consciousness, because this has to get done whether I’m well or not. Once all of these pages are sketched and ready to ink, I’ll be going back and forth between inking and colouring them and plotting out the final timeline for chapter 19, which is going to be…well, wouldn’t want to spoil the surprise. I will say that if you were sad that there is less action and more talking recently, trust me when I say that that will not at all be the chase with Chapter 19.

Anyhow, cheers! See you Tuesday!