Hey readers. Still a little bit more behind than I wanted to be. We released my Grandpa’s ashes among the tulips at one of his favourite parks on Saturday, and it was sad, but also very nice to see everyone there. Grandpa was a simple man, but he had a lot to be proud of in us.

In less sad news, tomorrow our comic will have been updating for six whole years! If you asked me six years ago if I thought that this comic would have over 500 pages under its belt, I’d probably laugh hysterically until I passed out. Somehow, we’ve done it, and that’s super neat!

Anyhow, I’ll be finishing up the pinups this week, as well as finishing up Friday’s page later this morning before going on to ink the rest of the chapter, which I’m still not done. I did, however, finish up the wallpapers for April, which you can grab in the link below. Cheers!