Hey, friends! So, this week has been pretty busy, and I made a good decision in starting to ink earlier in the week. Currently I have two left in this batch to ink before I can get in on the colouring, and I hope to get those done today and get them posted to Patreon before I start in on colours on Saturday. Here’s the updated progress meter:


Anyhow, chapter 19 has officially started. It’ll be 42 pages long, but that’s only because the events of this chapter would have been almost a hundred pages if we weren’t splitting them between chapters 19 and 20. Stuff is about to go now, and we are excited to see where you think things will end up as this plays out. I happily welcome back the beginning of a new alt text adventure by Cory, and I am excited to see where it goes because neither of us have any idea. Okay, so, I wrote this author’s note before Cory actually wrote the alt text adventure, and while I still don’t know exactly where this is going, I do know that it is a sequel to the alt text adventure that took place during chapter fifteen.

For those of you who don’t remember what happened in that particular episode, the abridged version is as follows:

The alt text adventure starts off as random commentary on each of the pages, up until it reached the point where Raine’s dad was trying to get info out of Lon and the whole thing descended into the story of a production company working on a movie called Endstorm while battling a clueless board of studio execs who wanted to do things like make sure they give Lon bigger boobs and a cool space sword and high heels. From there on in the entire crew starts to go nuts and the dude in charge may or may not quit and join/found a pizza themed cult that worships Andre the Giant. Yeah. I actually completely forgot about this ATA until Cory asked me to sit down and read this new page’s ATA and check for spelling mistakes, etc. When I got to the words ‘our studio’ I audibly said ‘Oh. No. Oh no. Noooooo. Is this what I think this is?” It is. Enjoy the ride, folks!

Anyhow, cheers! We’ll see you on Tuesday with the page one.

EDIT: For anyone wondering what’s up the the ATA box, when I updated whatever plugin its CSS was housed in, it seems to have just…eaten my CSS class. I’ve got a backup copy of it somewhere on my computer, and will replace it first thing when I wake up. I dumped some temporary css into my sheets that overrides everything to give it a max width and a different background colour for the sake of your eyes, so I’ll fix that as soon as I can.