Howdy everyone! This is Cory. We’re working hard to make sure that Friday’s page will also be ready on time, which means I’m responsible for today’s author’s note. And since I can’t think of anything witty or topical to write, here’s a review of the new Ghostbusters movie instead.

So. In spite of what the never-ending parade of grouchy sexist losers (who, in the majority of cases, literally have not watched the film and have no intention of rectifying that) would have you believe, it’s good. It is a funny and enjoyable movie, and I liked it. It plays like a feature-length love letter to all the good bits of the old Ghostbusters combined with a sarcastic, good-humoured lampooning of all the bad bits of the old Ghostbusters, as delivered by a delightful cast of funny women who do truly ridiculous things to defeat truly ridiculous ghosts and save their ridiculous city, and it’s ridiculous and good. You know, a lot like the original Ghostbusters, except without so many cringe-inducingly misogynistic jokes, and also not incredibly outdated.

My advice is to completely ignore all reviews – including this one – and just ask yourself, “do I already like, or did I once like, Ghostbusters? Do I think that a movie about women defeating ridiculous ghosts with mad science sounds awesome? Am I a person who can see a movie with a cast of mainly women and not experience a massive existential crisis?” and then just go see it if you answer “yes” to at least two of those. It’s pulpy, funny, and entertaining.