iconiguessHey readers! Doing really good with this batch of pages. I’m about an hour away from being done Friday’s page, and probably a few hours off finishing next Tuesday’s. Beyond that, the two after that will likely take maybe an hour total to finish combined. That’s insanely refreshing considering how behind I usually am, and I want to keep that momentum going.

I’ve also got to take a little bit of time this week after I finish up these pages to get started on September stuff for Patreon, so two wallpapers, a pinup, and some other nice stuff I’m working on. The plan is t have those at least mostly done before the weekend begins and I have to start on the next batch of pages.

Anyhow, aside from getting a bunch of comics done this week, I also went on a lengthy rant about a particular trop used in a lot of Sci-Fi after reading an article. I also solved a major issue I’ve been having with Paint Tool SAI and my workflow, and you can find both of those things below. Other than that, we will see you on Friday!