iconiguessHey all! Worked hard all week last week, and while I haven’t started the next batch of pages yet (that’ll be happening on Wednesday at the latest), I did draw two wallpapers, one of which is technically also an NSFW pin up, but has a SFW version for anyone not in the $10 patreon tier. I just finished colouring the more complicated of the two, and now I’m going to call it a night. The second one is super simple, and I should be able to get it coloured tomorrow afternoon. Once they’re done, they’ll be available on Patreon first thing next week.

That aside, the next batch should be about four pages long, and I’m going to ink about 3 pages of the chapter that got nuked when I got my new computer at the same time. I’m hoping it won’t slow me down too much, but I won’t be colouring those right away so it shouldn’t cut too much time out of my schedule. We will see you all on Friday!