Hi, everyone! Cory here.

As of now, we’re back to our normal update schedule – Tuesday and Friday, every week. August has really been working his butt off to build a bit of a buffer, so there shouldn’t be any unexpected delays for some time.

We’ve been playing Minecraft: Story Mode while the kid watches and tells us what decisions to make, and I’ve got to say, I’m not entirely sure how someone managed to take a block game about punching trees and crashing mine carts into exploding green Lego monsters and turn it into an interactive story of apocalyptic cosmic horror and looming despair. The little one seems to like it, though.

Enjoy the page! See you on Friday!

Edit: Forgot to ask Cory to add in the new wallpapers, whoops! I asked you guys for who you ship on the last page, and while I didn’t end up using any suggestions, I was reminded that there are quite a few readers who want to know what happened to Seon, and I thought I’d do a group photo teaser, instead. Cheers!