Well, this is awkward.

Okay, so I have a bit of an announcement to make. I’ve always been keenly aware that writing is not my strong point. I have fun doing it, but I often struggle to put words to paper. It’s essentially one more thing I have to worry about. Which is why, as of the next chapter, Cory Brown, both a fantastic writer and my husband, will be taking over for me in this area.

I’d like to sat that the writing style won’t change much–he’s been editing my scripts for me, after all–but that would be a lie. Cory has a very straight forward way of writing, and the scripts he has written for me so far (the next two chapters are done) are hilarious and full of life–both things that I’m not sure I’ve achieved up until this point. I’m very much excited about this, and some of the scenes he has created for me have me really anxious to get to them.

I’d like to warn, though, that in upcoming chapters, language may become a bit more harsh–it isn’t because I’m changing anything about the comic just because Cory is writing. In fact, language has been pretty tame so far only because Endi and Ethma don’t really understand the need for Earth swears, and because Bart and Heather would be pretty crappy role-models for Cassi if they swore like sailors.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, I’m not going to go out of my way to jam-pack as many swears as I can in to this script to appeal to a more mature audience. Cory just wants them to sound like real people, and to speak like real people. That might mean they sometimes have poor grammar, say things that I never would and don’t necessarily agree with, or say things that I don’t really consider particularly politically correct. I mention this because I want you to remember that I have a story to tell–my characters are not me, and they’re absolutely flawed. I hope that makes them better in the long run! =D

PS~ Bonus points to anyone who has been to the Crooked Kitchen!