Hey all, just letting you know that next week and the week after will be one update weeks. The kiddo is going back to school on the 7th, which means I’ll be back to regular work schedule after that week, but until then, we’re having some friends visit from across the country for a day on their way to elsewhere, going to the Pride parade on Sunday and then we’ve got to finish finalizing all of BB’s back to school junk, and maybe squeeze in a day where we actually do something nice for our 10th wedding anniversary or something. That’s going to leave me time to work, but not enough time to get two pages out a week until she’s back at school.

Anyhow, with my schedule going back to normal, I have decided to open up commissions–I just paid the first half of what my surgery is going to cost in full, and the second amount is due on the day of surgery in November. If you want to help me out, you can commission me (information in the first tweet below, go directly to the tweet thread for more details. You’ll need to DM me on twitter if you want a commission!) or donate directly (information in the second tweet). To everyone who has already donated, words cannot express how much this means to me. We’ll see you next Friday!