Hey all! For those of you who missed it earlier this week, just reminding you briefly that because my surgery date is rapidly approaching, I’m knocking updates down to once a week in an attempt to make sure there’s a new page up every week of November and into December while I have and then recover from surgery that will briefly limit my arm movement and ability to actually draw. Things should resume at a normal pace as soon as I can lift my arms past my elbows without injuring myself. Worst case scenario, I’ll wait to go back to twice a week updates until the new year, which sounds far away, but is really just like half a month longer than I’m currently planning for (and I’ll see if I can compensate for that, too).

Aaaand with that out of the way, I really wanna give props to those of you who have been guessing since the beginning of last chapter that Victor’s crazy disco aura might undo the fading process. You’ll have to wait a bit longer to find out the extent to which things have been undone and what that means for everyone, but I’m excited, as always, to see you all theorize and guess about it. See you next Friday!