Hey everyone! Happy New years!

I had a few setbacks getting this one up on time–it’s script went through several last minute-rewrites and I did a few last minute colour corrections on top of that. The good news is that we’re back, AND ALSO WILL BE POSTING ON OUR REGULAR TUES/FRI SCHEDULE! I moved all of the holiday declassified files to the beginning of this chapter so that they weren’t disrupting the chapter as it continues.

Anyhow, thank you for your patience, and your support! I’m in a much safer place financially right now and some AMAZING person almost completely paid off my youcaring goal in one fell swoop and my bank account is actually in the black again for the first time since my surgery, so we’re waaaaaay less stressed about money than we were previously.

I’m going to be spending this week getting Friday’s page done (script edits needed there, too, whoops) and queuing that up, as well as inking and colouring the next batch of 3 I sketched yesterday. After that, I’m going to re-think the direction I want to take patreon in, and either re-structure or close it completely. I’ll keep you all updated on what we decide, and probably have an answer for that when Friday’s page goes up.