Hey all, a little bit late. I’ve been having issues with my back lately–it’s not constant and when I wake up I’m generally fine, but as soon as I hit about 4pm what starts a dull pain has progressed with pain in between the lower end of my shoulder blades that results in some pretty debilitating nausea. I’ve had to drop everything I’m doing, down some robaxacet and resign myself to an evening with an electric heating pad. I’m nut sure there’s any real fix for it other than being conscious of my bad posture habits and not pushing myself. Either way, I’ll keep this development in mind when prepping for update days so we’re not late like this again.

If you’re wondering where the alt text adventure is, Cory’ll be adding it later when he’s not trapped at work with no internet. Cheers and see you Friday!


This is Cory again.

Last week, my day job got a hell of a lot more complicated when we were totally without phone and internet for THREE DAYS (thanks, Rogers), and the stress of trying to get caught up is starting to make me physically ill. To make matters worse, August has been dealing with a nightmarish amount of paperwork and an expired prescription – I haven’t seen him this exhausted in a long time.

We sat down earlier tonight and made the executive decision to take a week to sort everything out, so that we’re not scrambling to push out half-baked updates. We figure it’s better to stop for a few days and get everything on an even keel, then resume the normal update schedule without being semi-constantly on the verge of an emotional meltdown.