And that’s that, chapter over! Book three over!

So, finishing up this chapter did not go as planned. The problem with re-writing after a page has already been drawn is that even if your re-written script is punchy and flows well, if its placement doesn’t mesh with the visuals meant for the original script, then you need to re-write it until it does. This was supposed to be up on Tuesday, but re-writes were frustrating and we had to make a call on ‘good enough’ versus ‘perfect’ literally twenty minutes ago.

Which brings me to my next issue. My initial plan was that by now, we’d have the bonus chapter planned out and I would already be drawing it. That hasn’t happened, partly because of the frustration and constant re-writes the last couple of pages have gone through, and partly because we’ve both been juggling being sick with the kiddo’s end of year events and reports and meetings. Every time we’ve had a minute to sit down, we’ve been trying to catch our breath rather than forging ahead. I do not want to start posting this bonus chapter and STILL be struggling to make page deadlines, and a week just isn’t enough time to get our shit together in a way that’ll lead to anything productive, especially since the kiddo will be starting summer vacation next Thursday.

So what will instead be happening is that I’ll be posting some bonus content next week for the tail end of Pride month, and then I will be taking the entirety of July to get the script/thumbnails hashed out with Cory and dig into pages. I do not want to spend the bulk of my kid’s summer vacation ignoring her so that I can zone out on comic pages, which means that I’ll be doing the bulk of my work over the course of July on weekends and after 7pm. Pages will resume in August, a month where she’ll be going on two different week long vacations with grandparents and I’ll have more time to keep up. If anything changes, between now and then, I will absolutely let you know!

Until then, you can follow me and see sketches and works in progress on twitter and/or Ko-Fi (here’s why I’m switching away from Patreon to Ko-Fi!) and you can follow Cory on twitter here. I’ve just finished re-defining the next portion of our in universe timeline, I’m currently working on the book four cover, and we’ll be working on nailing down the timeline for the bonus chapter specifically on Saturday.

Thanks again for your patience! I’m extremely excited about the upcoming chapters, and cannot wait to start drawing them!