Hey all, it has been a while. A lot of things have happened since the beginning of the pandemic, and without writing an essay about it, here’s a quick bullet list of what’s been up:

  • I homeschooled BB for a full year and subsequently discovered that it was making both of us miserable more often than not.
  • While this was going on I managed to finish up the previous chapter!
  • And then my computer died! I could not afford to get a new one for basically an entire year, and was finally able get a new computer last September.
  • Had a meeting with my lovely editor after I got the new computer set up, and was feeling very out of sync with our previous story planning.
  • Focused on redoing the pages from the chapter that got eaten years ago, finished that!
  • Had a discussion about print books and the current paper shortage, began work on e-books (more on that soon!).
  • Had a very productive story meeting with Cory and got the next 2 chapters completely plotted out.
  • Began production on this new chapter at the beginning of March.
  • Was gearing up to launch this week, and then caught Covid last week after 2+ years of outrunning it. Still recovering, the brain fog is real. Trying my best!

And this is where we are now. If you’re still here waiting for new pages, thanks for your patience. The plan for now is post new pages every Friday, and as you will note, today is not Friday! I wanted to at least get the cover up on today, May the 4th–is it Star Wars day? Yes. It is also this comic’s 12 year anniversary? Absolutely. There will be a new page here on Friday for you, so you won’t have to wait for a week for it to start.

Thanks again for sticking around, and if you are subscribed to me on Patreon, please cancel your subscription! I managed to password lock myself out of it like 2 years ago and I have zero access to to any money, past present and future, until I can figure out how to get back in there and confirm that I do in fact pay my taxes manually as Canadian so they stop witholding them start auto-transferring them again. Until I can figure out how to do that, everything is in limbo there. It’s on my list, but is really not a priority right now compared to other things I am currently trying to get working.

Cheers, see you Friday!