Hey all, good news! My tablet stylus has been on the verge of shattering for like two to three years now and has mostly been held together by tape. My good friends Gibson Twist and Rori apparently had a couple that are compatible with my tablet just lying around the house that they were generous enough to ship to me (you can browse their extensive and wonderful body of work over at Giant Kitten Head), and I just got an alert from the post office that they have been delivered to my box there! Fingers crossed that they’re compatible and that setting them up is a quick affair, hopefully this is the end to a major stress that I can’t really afford to throw money at right now by just buying a new one.

I am currently working my way through remastering old pages for ebooks and will be doing this until Sunday. Then I’m back on a new batch of pages to keep the buffer building, and once that’s complete, I’ll be back on ebooks. Here’s a preview of a panel I really enjoyed redoing:

We’ll see you next week!