Fun news! Long story short my tablet pen issues are both over and eternal. On one hand I have located two pristine styluses that should last me a decade if I’m gentle with them, and on the other it looks like Yiynova may be another pandemic casualty, so that’s something to stress about later. On top of that, I found a used portable yiynova on ebay for like $50 (because it was missing its drivers cd and the pen is in bad shape, which is fine because it uses the same drivers and pens that my big yiynova does), so now I can also look forward to drawing on the couch or in bed or outside or away from home.

I’m still finishing up the current batch. I am going to have to add one more page to it, and also it had a lot of elaborate backgrounds and environments that took longer than usual to colour. I’ll hopefully be wrapping up the last one today(thursday), starting in on the final page tomorrow (actually today when you are reading this) and lettering the rest of them this weekend. Cheers and see you next week!