Hey all, hit a bit of a bump in the road with the current batch of pages. I managed to pull a muscle (maybe more than one???) in my chest and also messed up my drawing hand a little (still swollen almost a week later) while gutting and carving pumpkins for/with my family, and nearly a week later, my hand is still pretty swollen. I’m still working on the three page batch I was working on last week as a result, but I’m a little concerned that my hand is still swollen. As a result, I’m trying to take it easy and only do light work this week. I would go crazy if I was doing nothing, so if anyone remembers my old 24-hour-comic-day comic about Dwarf Fortress, I’ve dug it up, taken new photos and am cleaning it up and finishing it in excitement for DF’s fast approaching steam release date! You can follow the thread as I post them, minimum 4 a day, here: