Hey all! This will be the final update for 2023, and we will be back on January 5th with the next batch of pages, which are already in the inking phase. I’m trying to pace myself because my schedule may be about to become much more volatile, and I may have to de-prioritize this comic for paying work. The short of it is that the extremely dependable job that Cory has held for the past 14 years will be shutting down forever in January, and he does not qualify for unemployment because his parents owned the company and had intended to pass it down to him and his brother eventually. He is not at arm’s length, so we cannot rely on UI benefits while he job hunts. We have been looking, but he still doesn’t have anything lined up and making sure that our lights are on and our mortgage is paid over this cold ass Canadian winter is going to have to come before anything else until he’s managed to find a new job. If that means deprioritizing this comic in order to take commissions or focus on building up other short comics that I could sell PDFs of, then that is where I am going to have to focus.

I closed our patreon down years ago when they made some alarming changes, and am considering opening it back up again, but there is just so, so much going on and I’d hate to re-open it, only to not be able to keep up with the kind of content that is actually worth paying me for. I’m not opposed to re-opening it, but I only want to commit to things that I know I can actually deliver, you know?

Anyhow, we will be back on January 5th, and hopefully by then I will have better news–fingers crossed that he finds a new job before then and this extremely cryptic author’s note was for nothing. If it wasn’t nothing, and we are still looking in January, I’ll have news on what my plans are re: the schedule for this comic and whether or not I have opened a store on itch.io or re-opened our patreon.

Happy holidays, happy new year, and see you when the dust settles!