Hey all! So, this week the message is gonna be short. I have spent the last 12 hours trying to access my old patreon to no avail–no email address I have ever owned seems to be attached to it, and it appears to be lost to me. The good news is that I briefly had an older patreon for NSFW art, and so once I gave up on the first one, I spent the afternoon scrubbing it so I could re-publish and appeal to change it to an all ages account. It is currently under review pending to publish it, so when this page goes live, it may or may not also be live. As soon as it is live, I’ve got five new pages for patrons to see early to post, so there’s that!

For now, though, I have been at this for twelve hours and am going to go eat some cookies that Cory just pulled out of the oven and then become unconscious. Cheers and see you next week!

EDIT: Hey, it’s live! Still waiting on them removing the adult content status, but until then, patrons can now read up until the end of this chapter:


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