Hey all, this week has been busy–I’ve been busting my ass to get the next batch of pages done. All I have left to do for them right now is to get Cory to do a final pass on the script so I can properly letter them and add in the word balloons.

Cory is still job hunting, so if you want to help us keep the lights on, I’m going to have some fun stuff going on on Patreon over the coming week! I’m still working on a big process post for how we write this comic, and I’ll also be posting some process stuff and a couple wallpapers over the coming week.

This year, I will also be participating in a fun little art meme thing that Hiveworks is organizing for Valentines day, which I’m gonna embed below. I will take your requests into consideration when deciding on who to draw for which slot, so feel free to make requests below by giving me a number and who you think I should draw for it! I know I’m already thinking Sam & Max for number 3, but I can be swayed in other directions.