Hey all! Sorry for the unintended pause in updates last week. Things were a bit hectic and I had it in my head that I’d already scheduled the next batch of completed pages, when it turns out that I was remembering uploading the previous batch–time already has very little meaning for me, and being off of my ADHD meds has only made that worse.  The good news is that the current batch, which I finished queueing up a minute ago, will last until the first Friday of August. I’m also working on a new batch of pages that should move the buffer up to the 13th of September as soon as I get it done.

I know I’m not really on social media anymore, so if you would like a reliable way to make sure I’m still alive and kickin’ (and also you can see some previews of things I’m working on), I’ve been using the Free Membership tier over on Patreon to do a newsletter as of this month. You can read the July 2024 Newsletter right here, which, to be clear, you do not need to be a paying member to read! If you do wanna help me afford my adhd meds now that I have no insurance, I’ve also opened up a digital storefront on Patreon. Shay has found a job, but it does not have insurance, which is unfortunate because it means my medication went from about $110/month to $550/month which just is not in our budget right now or for the foreseeable future. I can still make comics without them, but it’s kind of a nightmare, if I’m being honest.

Anyhow, we will see you again next week with a new page!