Urgh, it’s almost 4am so I’ll keep this short.

For anyone wondering why you can only read bits and pieces of what these aliens are saying (despite Ethma’s claim that the translators will give you an approximation of what is being said in a language that your brain will understand), it works like this: Some alien cultures have concepts and terms that have no earthly equivalent, so if you are unaware of what those concepts and terms are, or are unaware of anything similar enough to be a close approximation, the translator provides nothing. However, learning about these cultures in more simple terms will fill in the gaps–the translators will only do a patchy job as long as you remain ignorant of those concepts and terms. It also accounts for how disjointed the translation they’re getting is–the more you understand, the more easily the translation comes together in your brain in your own language.

Anyhow, sleeeeep is where I need to be. Happy long weekend! See you Tuesday!