Hey all, recovery goes…okay…ish? I got the bolsters that they sew on to you to make sure your nipples don’t fall off removed today, and things look like they’re healing well. The only issue is that without them it feels weird to raise my arms past a certain point that i could before the surgeon took them off, so now I have less movement than I did yesterday but more freedom of movement with my torso. This next stage of recovery should last about 30 days, but I will hopefully be back to the drawing board before then. Worst case scenario I’ll extend my leave a couple of weeks to the new year and start 2018 on a high note rather than struggling through the last half of December when the Declassifieds run out.

Not being able to draw is already driving me crazy, so I’m spending my time laying out panel borders for the rest of the chapter, writing a short informational comic on Gender Dysphoria and planning out future chapters using a new platform. Fingers crossed that I manage to keep my sanity through the rest of this very boring down time. D: