Hey all! So, I have some tentatively good news, coupled with an announcement aboutwhen we’re returning to our regular schedule.

So,today I decided to test the waters and see if I’d be able to to do any drawing. I still can’t raise my arms high enough to work at my standing desk, but I was pretty productive after setting my tablet up in bed. I managed to finish something I was working on from before surgery, and I also made a Christmas illustration/wallpaper, which is something I wasn’t sure I’d be able to do. After a full day of drawing, though, I absolutely overdid it and my chest/shoulder/armpit area on my drawing arm is pretty swollen.

I’m actually kind of worried about committing to posting new pages as soon as these case files run out, because there’s only one more after this one. I think what I’m going to do is get back to working on pages, but for a limited and gradually increasing amount of time every day, and just bank them and start posting again on January 2nd and start 2018 off on a better foot (or arm???) than it seems like my body will allow by next Friday.

I’ll be posting up some nice stuff for you all up until the end of the month, and the story will continue in January.

I wanna thank you all again for being so patient while I recover, and if you’re interested in seeing bits of things that I’m working on, I’m going to try and post semi-frequent WIPs up on my twitter.