So what do you do when you get rejected from all of your choice colleges that you absolutely thought you would get into? Work out. Work. Wait I guess. Anyhow, I love love love Henri’s mom. She’s adorable. Anyhow, he’s what’s happening in Randi-Land:

  • Our Kickstarter hit its first stretch goal yesterday when a very, very, very awesome person pledged $1000! As our next goal, we will be switching to a Monday/Wednesday/Friday update schedule starting on the week of May 1st if we get to $10k (which will cover almost all of our printing costs)! 
  • We added an all new premium digital tier to the kickstarter that gets you the PSD and the wallpaper that the $10 tier gets you, with 12 bonus wallpapers, a set of desktop icons, a set of 20+ avatars you can use for tumblr or livejournal or whatever you like and the Ethma shimeji I made a while back (which I am currently using right now–she is so adorable and angry, and keeps cloning herself and climbing all over my windows).
  • A preview of the cover art for chapter 11!
  • I accidentally drew an ESI agent as a young, evil George Takei somehow.
  • We’re currently working on getting our wiki rebuilt, and may be looking for people who want to help curate it. If we get no offers, it’ll still exist, but much slower. We need curators mostly because accounts will be limited instead of open to the public–we had such a horrific spam problem last time that I don’t want to recreate.
  • I’m hard at work on chapter 11! Currently working on a batch of 7 pages, and I’m trying to really focus on what I consider to be my own personal weaknesses when it comes to drawing–more interesting poses and camera angles and backgrounds. I hope they look as nice (or more nice) done as their sketch layers do!

Anyhow, back to work! Enjoy today’s page, and we’ll be back on Friday!