Hey, everyone! Cory here. Randi’s practically asleep on her feet and I’m not much better off, so I’m afraid this comment will have to be fairly brief. This is the first in the previously mentioned series of holiday season-themed vignettes. ┬áHere we see Blaire and her younger sister, Olivia, watching that movie about the sasquatch that befriends the elf and I guess there’s a mutant reindeer or something. Also, a singing snowman. It is a strange and subtly unsettling movie (probably due to the surreal oldschool stop-motion animation). Randi loves that movie because it is a piece of her childhood. It is also a piece of my childhood! A creepy and perhaps subtly traumatizing piece (seriously that movie is weird and it gives me the willies for some reason). What are some of your favourite childhood holiday movies?