And we are back, after a slightly longer wait than intended. Lot of stuff happened in between December and now that kept us away–my grandfather passed away early last month, right as I was preparing to get back into this. I also had to re-thumbnail this entire scene from scratch because my original thumbnails where drawn while sad, and as a result, kind of sucked and left out critical action.

Last but not least, last week one of the fans on my laptop died and I spent the end of the week learning how to take it apart and figure out what was up, and then the rest of the weekend waiting on a cooling pad, which was generously purchased by the Patron Saint of Webcomics, Michael Kinyon, because money is tight right now. It isn’t a permanent solution, but it has solved the minor overhearing when I use photoshop temporarily until I can get a replacement fan.

I’m currently trying to ease back into this. The next page is done, and the page after it is almost done, but I’m going to plod along updating with one page a week until I have a very small buffer, before I commit to going back up to two. There was also a wordpress/easel update that seems to have bumped our copyright info at the bottom of the website around, and I’ll fix that when I’ve got a spare minute. We’ll see you next week on Friday!