Hey all! Our kid is back to school, which means we are back to comics. We didn’t expect to take the entire summer off, but that’s how things ended up. I think, going into 2020, we’re going to treat the summer as the “off season” and make a habit of it. That’s not to say that I spent all summer doing nothing, though–I’ve got the next 5 pages after this one in the queue (one of them is a 2 page spread that took me more than a month from start to finish), and for at least September we’ll be updating every Tuesday. Ideally, I want to get back to twice-a-week updates by October, but we’re going to play it by ear in case the kiddo has another rough start to the year as she settles in at school.

The good news is that I’ve got the rest of the chapter done in thumbnails and I started working on the roughs for a new batch over this past week. I’m going to do as many pages as I can manage while the next 4 weeks of updates post, and then we’ll take stock of my workflow and re-assess whether or not we’ll be jumping back up to twice a week in October. I’ve got a few other things that need doing, and one of those things is a complete website redesign, possibly on Hiveworks’ comics cms, though that’s more of a long term thing that I haven’t even spoken with our benevolent tech overlords with, yet.

Anyhow, we’re really happy to be back, and i’m especially happy to be drawing consistently again! We’ll see you next Tuesday, cheers!