Hey all, we’re back! And not only are we back once a week, we are back twice a week! I’ve currently got 9 pages on the go, NOT including the one that’s going up today, so as soon as i put the finishing touches on that, that’s 5 whole weeks of pages, which should allow me to start and hopefully finish the next batch by the time these are done posting. It helps that the next batch will only be 6 pages long, and will also conclude the chapter. After that, I’ll be taking a short break again in where I won’t be posting new pages, just working on them. You should have plenty of notice for when that happens, as well as a solid date for when we’ll start posting the new ones. I don’t have that date for you now, because it will depend on when I complete the last half of this batch, and how quickly I manage to dig into the one after that.

Note: the colours on this page are a bit different than the ones on the previous couple in this scene. I’ve actually gone back and adjusted those, but I still have to re-export them and replace them on the website here. I’ll be doing that some time before the next page goes up on Friday, but for now I’m focusing on actually finishing this batch–there are rolling school strikes happening right now, and there are two days this week where it will be harder or possibly impossible to work because BB will be home from school as a result of that.

Cory will also be catching up on & adding the Alt Text Adventures to this page and other more recent pages, but tomorrow, when he’s hopefully less of a shambling corpse.

Anyhow, cheers! It feels good to be back!